travel Vietnam by motorbike

Why we must travel Vietnam by motorbike at least once in your life?

Why we must travel Vietnam by motorbike at least once in your life? When the question has arisen, you will be amazed by thousands of answers from the motorbike and adventure lovers. Let’s review some prominent responses collected from extremely experienced backpackers and motorcyclists.

1. The combination of adventuring and exploring cultures

Vietnam is the S-shaped pretty land renowned for not only natural heritages such as Halong Bay and Hoi An Ancient Town but also various breathtaking off-road routes like Mui Ne – Mui Dinh coastal road or majestic passes which are Hai Van Pass, Pha Din Pass, etc.

Given by foreign tourists that if you have never visited Halong Bay, it means you have not been to Vietnam. Besides, spoken by those who have been traveled around Vietnam, in order to truly get to know the beauty of this nation, you must explore the remote mountainous places.

Different from other forms of traveling, travel Vietnam by motorbike will bring us to the serene and stunning highland villages, the most unprivileged and tranquil lands which are unreachable with rugged and craggy roads. Having been chosen as one of the top destinations by a lot of clubs, backpackers and bikers, the diverse cultural identities of ethnic minorities here are definitely surprising. And surely, your heart will be pounding with the wild rustic beauty of nature and the homeliness of indigenous people once arriving.

2. The unique cuisine

 Having known as one of the countries which reserve the most special and flavorful cuisine, Vietnam gets unique for diverse street foods and local dishes through the luscious flavor and exclusive cooking recipes. By any other traveling forms, you still can taste the regional aliment but only travel Vietnam by motorbike, you can reach the rural and remote areas to experience the distinction the freshly-cooked foods by the local and dishes in a luxury restaurant.

If you are fond of Master Chef – an American cooking show, you will know Gordon Ramsay – a world’s top chef. He is often regarded with Vietnamese local cuisine and brings them into Master Chef as a quiz for contestants. Vietnamese street foods and local cuisine are apparently attractive to domestic and international tourists.

Apart from the unique taste, eye-witnessing how to cook and hearing stories about how to form those dishes makes you feel more incredible and tasty while enjoying. Delicious foods are not only made from good ingredients.

travel Vietnam by motorbike
travel Vietnam by motorbike

3. Spectacular roads for contemplating

Travel Vietnam by motorbike creates comfortable moments to behold roadsides’ scene and whenever you want, you can come to a halt to snap some stunning pictures. It is absolutely splendid when driving through immense golden rice fields, sinuous passes with a steep cliff and boundless blue sea or flowery roadsides. If you are traveling by car, it may be difficult to completely enjoy such vivid beauty through windows. Moving by motorcycle is the best option for you to enjoy most of the magnificent views of nature.

4. Friendly residents and ubiquitous motorcycle repair shops

You are warmly welcomed by the local people while asking them for an overnight sojourn. Despite various physical difficulties, ethnic minorities in remote areas are rich in the mental spirit. No matter how hard their lives are, they always enjoy it. If it is possible, you can suit up and come to different places to verify whether it is true or not?

Vietnam is extremely popular for motorcycles and you can catch up motorcycle service centers everywhere, so don’t fret in case of emergent incidents during the trip. Even when you are at the dead end, you still can call vehicle rescue services which are often available to support whenever and wherever you are.

5. Flexibility

 Travel Vietnam by motorbike is much more flexible than public transports like cars or trains. You can move on a small curve road surface with fast or slow speed, pass across the river or go to the forest and whenever you want, you can come to a halt to snap some photos or just take a short rest. The route is entirely determined by you. Only with a smart-phone and a small amount of money, you can drive to everywhere you want. That sounds interesting, right!

6. Self-experience recovering

Going backpacking is an essential part of life skill lessons in which real experiences make us more mature and this is also a chance for us to self-discover and surpass ourselves. Adventurous back-packing helps us face to your stamina and discover your hidden potentialities. Only in dilemma circumstances, you will detect your potential capacities which are not performed in your daily life. Thereby broadens our knowledge and raises personal awareness.

7. Management and problem-solving teaching

Running out of gasoline, breaking down or getting stuck in a craggy road are many unpredictable problems when going trekking by motorcycle and it’s time for all of you to calm down and find out the solutions instead of getting nervous. You will gain more knowledge about problem-solving methods relating to motorcycle issues as well as other interesting things in order to deal with suddenly difficult situations. These mentioned reasons are enough for you to back-pack up and discover the new lands. I wish you have a happy and memorable trip when travel Vietnam by motorbike.

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