Which location of Viet Nam in the map of world?

VietNam was known as one of the most attractive travelling destination in not only South East but also all of Asia .So if you still not know where is Viet Nam , this article will help you to know more all things about this beautifull country . The country of Vietnam has a distinctive shape – all over the body forming S letter. The position of Vietnam is located east of the Indochina peninsula in Asia and Southeast Asia. The countries bordering Vietnam include Lao (north and northwest), China (North), Cambodia (South) and East Sea (East)

History of Viet Nam

Viet Nam is one of the country that have many traditions and important historical landmarks. Vietnam people have chosen the location of a river valley of Hong river to create  the country for a long time – more than 5000 years ago. The whole area belongs to China since 111 BC but has collapsed in 938 AD. The main cause was due to the uprising of anti-Chinese forces. In the 17th century, Dai Co Viet (the name of Vietnam before) was divided into 2 different colonies – managed by Nguyen and Tay Son dynasties.

a picture about ancient of Tay Son forces

In 1802, a Nguyen lord was supported and backed by the French colonialists .Then, he and his army defeated the Tay Son forces and combined the two colonies together to give birth to a new country – Vietnam

In 1890, the French colonialists conducted war, invaded and turned Vietnam into a colony of colonialism .In 1945, when the First World War broke out, Vietnam was formally occupied by Japan when the country defeated France and became a new force in Indochina

France’s efforts to regain Vietnam were defeated when Ho Chi Minh (uncle Ho) – the new leader of Vietnam who returned after many years studying and working abroad. Ho Chi Minh helped Viet. Nam defeated the French at the first Indochina war in 1954.

.However, Viet Nam was still devided into 2 parts : the Nort with communist model and the South with noncommunist model

A view of Hoang Kiem lake (Ha Noi)

The United States – a powerfull country after world war 2 that jumped into Indochina when it formally provided aid, helped an anti-Communist group in the South to create the war of two colonies. The US spent a lot of money and The force for this war was quickly withdrawn afterwards. In 1975, the war ended with victory for the communists from the north. Sai Gon fell and the Socialist Republic of Vietnam was born

Tank of the communist forces in the north go into the south in 1975


Geography of Viet Nam

Viet Nam in world mapVietnam has a very special geographical position in Southeast Asia, belong to south and east in the Indochinese peninsula. With its position, Vietnam borders and shares the border with Lao and Cambodia in the west and east, China in the North.Because of its special geographical position, Vietnam is located in a tropical monsoon climate, consisting of two distinct seasons: the rainy season and the dry season. The eastern part of Vietnam is more than 3000km of beachline. The land area of ​​Vietnam consists of 40% of the hills, 42% of the tropical forests, and 18% of the other lands and plains


Polities of Viet Nam

Vietnam is a socialist republic. Vietnam consists of parliament with more than 500 members. These members hold important positions in the state and are elected to vote once every 4 years. the head of state and commander-in-chief of the armed forces. National Assembly leader, government and important political position is prime minister

Nguyen Phu Trong -the president of Viet Nam

Travelling of Viet Nam:

Vietnam is one of Asia’s top tourism countries. In the year, Vietnam welcomes more than 6 million tourists from all over the world. Coming to Vietnam, tourists will have the opportunity to explore the special culture, great tourist destinations and great food at affordable prices. Vietnam has more than 32 national parks with a variety of plants and animals, more than 7 UNESCO heritage sites, 21 zones National tourism, ancient city and many beautiful beaches .2 Vietnam’s most famous places are Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi capital, which are loved by tourists. Vietnam is also famous for its 2 world cultural heritages from UNESCO including Ha Long Bay and Hue Citadel. With the ancient capital of Hue, it includes historical ruins from ancient times including ancient citadel, ancient castle  and temples  .The Thien Mu temple is also found in Hue – a symbolic structure of Viet Nam with 7 different floors and a corner that can see the  Hong river.

Hue Citadel
Thien Mu temple (Hue)

With Ha Long Bay, it includes more than 2000 other islands spread evenly .Ha Long bay also includes many beautiful caves. If visitors have the opportunity to visit Vietnam, Hue and Ha Long Bay will be 2 of many tourist destinations that cannot be ignored in Vietnam.

Ha Long bay

On the other hand, Nha Trang is also a famous and interesting tourist destination of Vietnam. This place is loved by international tourists through beautiful beaches, diving services and backpacker accommodation.

A view of beach in Nha Trang

Education of Viet Nam:

Vietnam has a high literacy rate in Southeast Asia with more than 94% of the population know how to read and write. In Vietnam, including 5 types of popular education are applied throughout the country: kindergarten level. , primary school level, middle school level, high school level and university level .With this hierarchy, Vietnamese students are developed and absorbing a wealth of knowledge that is appropriate to each stage. Viet Nam also has a public and private university system in Vietnam and most of these schools are distributed in Ho Chi Minh City and the capital Hanoi. With a clear and self-contained education system, it requires students to constantly learn and develop their knowledge. In order to be promoted annually, Vietnamese students must pass competency tests to assessing and selecting an appropriate education system. With the university exam, its scale is national, so the level of difficulty is quite high. Only 20% pass university test in 1 million students

An annual university test in Vietnam


Through this article, I hope that you can better understand the country and people of Vietnam. Viet Nam is famous not only for its beautiful beaches, natural wonders but also for its popularity through its friendliness. people here, unique and unique dishes. All these factors help affirm and confirm Viet Nam’s position on the world map in the respect and affection of friends in the world. . If you have the opportunity to travel to Asia, Vietnam is a great option for you.



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