BREAKING: Vietnam suspends entry of all foreigners amid COVID-19 since March 22

BREAKING: Vietnam suspends entry of all foreigners amid COVID-19 since March 22

The Government of Vietnam has decided to temporarily suspend entry of all foreigners since March 22 due to swift and complicated developments of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The latest move was amid quick increase of the number of new infections cases (77 as of 8 pm on Saturday) over the past two weeks and influx of incoming flights from foreign countries, including pandemic-striken ones.

For those entering Vietnam for diplomatic and official purposes, for participation in major diplomatic events, or being experts, business managers, highly skilled workers, the Ministry of Public Security and Ministry of National Defense shall coordinate with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Health, and other relevant agencies to issue visa if necessary.

Entrants mentioned in the above paragraph shall be subject to mandatory medical declaration and other effective regulations at designated areas at ports of entry as well as isolate themselves at places of residence as currently regulated.

Temporary suspension of entry shall also be applied to all overseas Vietnamese and their spouses and children who have been granted with certificate of visa exemption, also effective since March 22.

The Government also ordered competent agencies to strictly control entry into the nation by road, by sea, and by air.

In a bid to avoid overload pressure on quarantine facilities, the Government asked for prompt and maximum cuts of incoming passenger flights, including those of foreign airlines, effective immediately.

The Ministry of Transport was tasked to create favorable conditions for departure of flights carrying foreign passengers.

On March 20, Deputy Minister of Transport Le Anh Tuan announced that all incoming travelers to Vietnam shall be subject to mandatory centralized quarantine for 14 days, applicable since March 21, at the request of the Steering Committee for COVID-19 Prevention and Control.

The above measure shall NOT be applicable to entrants for diplomatic and official purposes but they shall have to isolate themselves at places of residence under the supervision of local authorities, Tuan said.

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