Viet Nam- the amazing country

Viet nam- the country of beautiful views and friendly people

Viet Nam is a country in Southeast Asia. This country  blessed with many wonderful things, possessing a large and earliest agricultural center, having great metallurgical revolutions. Since the culture of Dong Son, this country has always had many struggles with nature and forces outside. The first Van Lang state was founded in the 7th century BC.

Van Lang country

With intelligence and hard work, Vang Lang created a great and influnced civilization with other countries in the region .At the same time with Van Lang, the other new civilization also has a great cultural and economic development – the Red River civilization (or Dong Son). This civilization  sculpted and redrawn on the Dong Son drum This thing is cultural symbol. of Vietnam. This product represents the development process, the intelligence and the hardworking spirit of the Vietnamese people.

Dong Son drum -national symbol of Viet Nam

Viet Nam wars’re histories

During the process of building and defending the nation for centuries, this country have fought hundreds of wars with many forces It includes the war with the Qin Dynasty on the 3rd century and many other wars with the dynasties in China. Through wars, the spirit and combat skills of the people of Vietnam developed and and becomed perfect great arts .Just like in the Ngo Dynasty’s war in General Ngo Quyen’s “Binh Ngo Dai Cao” based on surprises and dexterity

Although having  many problems  throughout the history from Van Lang, Au Lac ,Van Xuan,vv .Vietnam still develop strong calendars, continue to improve weak areas for the people’s life increasing

One of the reasons for the victory is the village culture. The villages in Vietnam have helped and promoted the culture and spirit of the Vietnamese people. It also helped the country resist the domination and the bad intentions from the North

An ocean accient war of Ngo Quyen general

On the other hand, Vietnam also has another success in the history of ancient development  .That is the creative Nom in Ly-Tran dynasty .It developed based on the innovation of Chinese characters (China). This period also witnessed the strong development of other parts such as education, science, arts and law. Temple of Quoc Tu Giam – Vietnam’s first university, introduced the Hong Duc Code – the most complete history of Dai Viet. Moreover, Thang Long (formerly Ha Noi’s name) became  Royal citadel of Dai Viet, moved the capital to Hanoi in 1010 by Ly Thai To

Quoc Tu Giam- the first university of Viet Nam

Vietnam-Ho chi Minh and modern wars

“There is nothing more valuable than independence and freedom” Ho Chi Minh in 1945

Since the end of the 18th century, witnessing the decline of Dai Viet country. With great ability, Khong Tu found the weak and backward problems of this country.

-The collapse of Dai viet

While the West and European  are developing strongly and turning to Capitalism .Dai Viet is stuck with internal wars and divisions. This creates a barrier to cultural and economic development .However,still ahve some points of interest such like establishment of a port ,town in the 16th century to exchange and sell better

French colonialists in Vietnam

in the 19th century, western countries began to spread imperialism and colonialism. Through acts of force and mission, France began to take actions at Dong Duong and Viet Nam as targets. For the first time, Viet Nam had to resist the desire to invade from Western countries. Setting up many series of reforms, policies were as an attempt to protect the country. However, the Nguyen refused all these reform and polices  .This led the country to become a feudal half colony in a deadlock for 100 years (1845-1945)

After the successful occupation and establishment of Viet Nam at Dong Duong, Phap began many acitivities .The purpose of these activities is to be colonial and exploitative. However,having  many innovations entered into this country .It breaks the regime’s feudalism in Vietnam  .It helps the economy change from backward to a completely new.

a new social structure is formed based on capitalism. The social class division is more pronounced. The level of workers, bourgeoisie and bourgeoisie is born. The war with France creates division. divided 2 forces. It includes the bourgeoisie (Vietnam nationalist party and proletariat (Vietnamese communist party)

French- Viet nam war in first days

The end of French-Viet Nam war

The establishment of the Communist Party of Vietnam clearly states the power of the working class and revolutionary movements under the control of the proletariat. In 1945, the people of Vietnam and the army’s liberating propaganda unit launched out of meaning to undermine power. This action received support and leadership from the Communist Party and Ho Chi Mnh (Nguyen Ai Quoc).The declaration of independence was born in September 1945, the birth of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam.

Following that, the victories at Dien Bien Phu (1954) and led to the signing of Geneva agreement (July 1954). All helped to end the war against French colonialism, opening a period of independence and self For Viet Nam. According to the Geneva agreement, Vietnam still tolerates the influence of France and the US until the general election is over. However, this did not happen with US intervention .Viet Nam cut into two regions with the control of President Ngo Dinh Diem (USA) in the south for more than 20 years

USA-Viet Nam war

the USA soldiers in Viet Nam war

From 1954 to 1975 was a long period of war in Vietnam. It was a war with the US to protect independence and unification. With great difficulties, the war ended with the victory of Communist Party of Vietnam. Since April 30, 1975, Vietnam has unified and opened an era of independence and freedom for the country. Viet Nam officially entered the period of national construction.

Viet Nam after wars

However, in the first 10 years, economic objectives could not be achieved due to internal and external objectives. Viet Nam was in a serious crisis and widespread famine

At the 6th congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam 1986, the policy of renovation proposed with economic reform is the main part. This emphasizes an important milestone in the development stage of the country of Vietnam. Later, Party congresses apply regular renewal policies. Vietnam has successfully applied the five-year economic development plan. With this policy, Vietnam has grown and become the largest food exporter in the region (formerly only a food importer).Vietnam has also started to export other popular products such as fruits, seafood, fabrics, silk, etc.

VetNam”s rices prepare for export

In the early years of the 21st century, Vietnam’s economy has shown signs of development, quality of human life is guaranteed. In addition, social and health policies are more concerned, the legal system is completed better.


During the process of formation and development of Vietnam, patriotism, persistence, solidarity are important characteristics of people in this country. These characteristics come from difficult living environment. Their understanding is that Vietnam must unite and work hard to develop life. Time and wars create a strong bond between Vietnamese people and with nature. Working together to create this country, the support and solidarity together has been established in the blood of every Vietnamese. This is the basis for creating a strong, united and unbeaten Vietnamese community.

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