The way to international border gates in Viet Nam

The border gate is understood as the door of trade between the two countries. At that place, there are activities of export and import, export, import and trade in goods; products of two countries or people between the two countries. The border gate can be set up by road, waterway, airway or railway that connects countries in the region.

For Vietnam, this country shares the mainland international border gate with China, Laos and Cambodia. This article will tell you more about the big and popular crane gates in Vietnam (updated in 2013). . These international border points are usually for all passport holders and valid visa holders. However, they should also apply for a visa at the local country’s embassies before crossing the border gates. because the provision of visas here is much more difficult and complicated.

The list of border gate inlcude:

Viet Nam-China

1)Lao Cai border gate: in Lao Cai – North West of Vietnam.

-Lao Cai border gate is located in the north of Lao Cai city and has a distance of more than 45km with the city of Sapa. Lao Cai border establishes a major connection between Vietnam and China with Lao Cai province (Vietnam) and VanNam  province (China)

Lao Cai border gate (Viet Nam -China)

2)Mong Cai border gate: belongs to Quan Ninh – Northeast of Vietnam.

-Mong Cai border gate is located in the northeast of Quang Ninh province and has a distance of more than 32km with Hanoi capital and more than 176km with Ha Long bay.According to Highway 18 from Mong Cai town will pass China.

Mong Cai border gate (Viet Nam-China)


3)Huu Nghi border gate: in Lang Son -Ha Noi

-Huu Nghi border gate has a distance of more than 17km with Lang Son city center 17km and more than 17km with Hanoi capital to the north

Huu Nghi border gate (Viet Nam- China)

4)Dong Dang border gate: in Lang Son , belong to North West in Viet Nam

-This is the largest and most crowded province in Lang Son. This border connects Lang Son (Vietnam) with Pingxang (China). Moreover, this gate has an additional railway link with Nanjing. and Beijing (China)

Dong Dang border gate (Viet Nam-China)

Viet Nam -Laos

1)Tay Trang border gate: In Dien Bien Phu- Norst West of VietNam

-The distance is 33km from Tay Trang border gate to Phong Xa Ly district (Lao) via motorbike road with route 279.

Tay Trang border gate (VietNam -Laos)

2)Na Meo border gate: in Thanh Hoa -South West of Ha Noi (Viet Nam)

The closest distance is 270km from Hanoi capital to Na Meo border gate and about 100km from Na Meo border gate with Lai Chau valley. Na Meo border gate links Thanh Hoa province (Vietnam) with Houaphan province (Laos).

Na Meo border gate(Viet Nam-Laos)

3)Nam Can border gate: in Nghe An, North Central of Viet Nam

Nam Can border gate linking Nghe An province (Vietnam) with Xing Khouang province (Laos)

Nam Can border gate (Viet Nam -Laos)

4)Keo Nua border gate: in Ha Tinh province

-It is located at the end of Nua Mountain Pass in Vietnam. The Glue Nua border links Vietnam with Vientiane (Laos).

Keo Nua border gate (Viet nam-Laos)

5)La Bao border gate: belong to Quang Tri province (North Central)

Lao Bao border gate has a distance of about 180km with Hue ancient capital. From Hue, turn left into Route 9 to cross Sanh slot and you can go to Savannakhet (Laos) right after

Lao Bao border gate (VietNam-Laos)

6)Cha Lo border gate: in Quan Binh province (North Central)

Cha Lo border gate linking Ba Don town (Quang Binh) to Khanmounan (Laos)

Cha Lo border gate (VIetNam-Laos)

7)Po Y border gate:in Kon Tum province (central highland)

-With Po Y border gate, distance of 19km from to Attapeu province (Laos)

Po Y border gate (Viet Nam-Laos)

Viet Nam -Cambodia

1)Le Thanh border gate: in Gia Lai province (Central Highland Viet Nam)

From Le Thanh border gate, it is 73km from Pleiku city. Le Thanh border gate is connected from Chu Ty town (Pleiku city, Vietnam) to An Dong Thech (Ratanakiri, Cambodia).

Le thanh border gates (VietNam-Cambodia)

2)Moc Bai border gate: in Tay Ninh provice (South Central Vietnam)

-This is the most famous border gate in Vietnam, 70km from Ho Chi Minh City. With Route 22, Moc Bai border gate links with Cambodia.

Moc Bai border gates (VietNam-Cambodia)

3)Sa Mat border gate: in Tay Ninh province (South Central VietNam)

This is another border gate from Tay Ninh (Vietnam) to Cambodia.Tu Go Dau with route 22b, you can reach the town of Cambpdia with Sa Mat border gate.

Sa Mat border gate (VietNam-Cambodia)

4)Dinh Ba border gate: in Dong Thap province (South East Central VietNam)

The distance from Dinh Ba border gate to Cao Lanh city is 107km. Follow highway 30, from Hong Ngu town, through Dinh Ba border gate to Bontia Chak Cray (Cambodia).

Dinh Ba borders gate (VietNam-Cambodia)

5)Tinh Bien border gate:in An Giang (SouthEast central)

-The distance from the border gate of Tinh Bien to Chau Doc (An Giang) is 25km to the southwest. From Long Xuyen city, along highway 91, go through Tinh Bien border gate to Cambodia.

Tinh Bien border gate (VietNam-Cambodia)

6)Xa Xia border gate: in Kien Giang province( South East central)

-The distance from Xa Xia border gate to Ha Tien town is 70km. Kien Giang link (Vietnam) with Kampot town (Cambodia)

Xa Xia border gate (Viet Nam-Cambodia)

7)Vinh Xuong border gate: in An Giang province (South East Central)

The distance from Vinh Xuong border gate to Chau Doc town (An Giang) is more than 30km. From Tien river (it takes about 45 minutes to move the boat). After completing customs and immigration procedures, everyone Allowed in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Vinh Xuong sea border gate (Viet Nam-Cambodia)


Above is a list of common and main border gates in Vietnam. The border gates help to exchange and sell goods of Vietnam with  other countries more smoothly and better .With foreign tourist , they need to be provided visa card, complete  customs and entry procedures before freely moving to other countries


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